Lightbox Gallery Not Working

Hey fellow Bloc-users. I’m in need of some assistance.

I’ve been updating a page on a client’s website, to incorporated a photo gallery of 20 photos, but for some reason the Lightbox isn’t working. However when I view the Blocs page in Solis, it shows that everything works just fine. See image below.

In addition, when I click on any of the images in the photo gallery to try open the Lightbox, the page then appears to freeze in the browser. The only way to resolve this is to reload the page.

Here’s a little background info into what I did.

The gallery started life as the standard ‘Square Images Gallery‘ bloc. Using the Layer Navigator, I selected the bottom row and duplicated it several times, to provide me with required spaces for 20 photos. The assets were then loaded into each of the image placeholders. I’ve double-checked and all the images have the Lightbox frame type set to default and all in a gallery called ‘gallery-1’.

I’ve have tried removing the gallery and placing the standard Square Images Gallery bloc again, but it with the default settings. However this results in the same problems.

If you have any thoughts I’d be grateful to hear them. Thank-you.

Okay, so I’ve resolved the issues I was having with the Photo Gallery and its Lightbox feature.

I removed the Owl Carousel bric that was on the same page, and suddenly the lightbox works as expected. There was obviously some conflict happening within the code. Perhaps something for @Lucas to investigate at some point.

That´s exactly the same I have experienced with Owl…

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I’ll take a look and get back to you guys asap.

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