Lightbox Gallery thumbnail Image size

Is there a way to have a consistent thumbnail image size for different size images (some portrait some Landscape). I have tried just to adjust the size in the width and height in the settings as well as using classes and this looks right on the canvas for the different breakpoints but when I preview in the browser the thumbnail images are not all same size.

I could always adjust the size of the images themselves to be consistent on each row but I wanted the different sizes displayed in the Lightbox slide show…

I don’t see the thumbnail option you’re referring to. Is this a third-party gallery or, are you creating the gallery manually using the standard options in Blocs?

If, as I assume, you’ve created a block with several images (your thumbnails) and these have been set to open in a lightbox and they form part of a gallery (to allow navigation via the lightbox), then your option is fairly simple. Create copies of your images to be all the same size and proportions and add these to your page - crop portrait images if necessary. This will ensure they are all of a consistent shape and size and will be placed on the page accordingly. When you select the lightbox interaction for each image, use the Alternative Image option in the interactions panel. You will then be able to select the original image to open in the lightbox.


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A little extra work but it worked very nicely, thanks