Lightbox video pointing to Youtube link


How do I modify the HTML to have the lightbox video pointing to YouTube Link?

Thank you so much for your help.

@drumster81 Hello,

Here’s a how to.

And here’s another more advanced way with another type of lightbox.


Thank you so much!!! Do you happen to know how to make the menu icon float on the top right corner of the page even after scrolling downwards?

@drumster81 Set the menu Sticky to Yes :+1:

I’m not using the custom menu bar but using an icon at the top right corner to toggle visibility a menu. So your solution does not work.

@drumster81 Do you have your menu in the global area or the dynamic area?
Btw… it’s not the actual menu that gets sticky, it’s the bric you use as menu.
It works if you use a normal navigation bric or even a hero bric.

I created an icon in the global area to toggle visibility for a bric which acts as the menu