Link color not updating [SOLVED]

I’m having trouble getting the link color to change. I have a blue link color set in the project settings, and I’m overriding it to be black with a custom “role-links” class. Both these settings are shown at right, and underneath the custom class settings you can see that it works in “Preview Mode” for a sentence having both types of links:

In the sentence volunteer is black due to the custom class, and …[more] is blue due to the Project settings.

So, it DOES work:

  1. in Preview mode
  2. when using option-command B to View–> Preview in browser --> Safari
  3. If I drag the index.html from my local folder to Chrome, Safari, or Firefox

But it DOES NOT work when viewed on the live website after uploading it using these browsers:

  1. Chrome
  2. Safari
  3. Firefox

I tried things found in this forum, namely clearing the cache on all three browswers, and disabling lazy loading – nothing changes. This makes me think the local files are not uploading – I use CyberDuck, but also have FileZilla. I have the local folder and the server folder mirrored.

I’ve tried deleting the following on the server and then uploading a new copy from my local folder – all without success:

  1. index.html (this is where the font change is)
  2. css folder
  3. font folder

Can anyone offer me more tips to solve this problem? How can I diagnose it better?


Rule of thumb: after export, if when opening the html file locally in a browser, it loads ok, then something is up with your hosting.

I’ve found style sheets in modern browsers become super sticky and the only way to refresh them is to literally go to the style sheets url and refresh that, for example.

BTW The styling is actually located in the style.css file

Problem solved!

I deleted style.css from the hosting server, replaced it with my local version, and things worked immediately (even without the approach)

Much thanks, Norm!

I now understand a little more about the nuts & bolts, and have 2 more tricks up my sleeve to try. On the one hand, Blocs does a great job of making things intuitive so you don’t have to know the details. But when you run into a problem, some knowledge of the nuts and bolts is invaluable.

This is part of why this forum is so valuable.

Still loving Blocs.

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