Link in text breaks font type

Hi there. I’m using a local font for a menu, but once I try to add a link the font changes in another font. I like to have the same font and get rid off the line under once converted to a link. Any suggestions? (for now I converted all text as WEBP)

Cheers, Barney

Hey Barney, Barney here. In a flash I was thinking yeah Classes…So with a combination of Link-style and h2-style it is been solved. The line I could turn off with the mini menu by clicking on text itself. The changed colour I recalled by assigning the right colour again.
Great Barney, first try and THEN post! (first time I wrote to myself, have a great day and sorry for waisting your time!)

If I understand well…

  1. CMD + , (for project preferences)
  2. Object > Navigation link
  3. Assign then just bellow the font you want to be kept.

It corresponds to this class, if needed to direct modification :

Supposing it ocncerns your main menu, if not, same fact, changing in code editor the style a

Does it solve / did I well understood ?

Btw your text changed in webp :flushed:, must be confusion or you should explicite more (or I missunderstand something)…

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I used the WEBP images (changed all text into images hahaha) so I could use the links. First time I use classes. Thanks for your explanation, this makes a lot more sense :slight_smile:

Off course (text > webp), ridden to fast (understood you text changed in webp), sry