Link List - Edit Links / URLs

There’s another web design app that I’ve used for the last two decades and I continue to use it as I slowly transition my big sites to Blocs. One great feature in that app is its “Edit URLs” dialog. It’s basically a listing of all links in the entire document that have been manually typed in (e.g., those typed in via “navigate to URL” in the right sidebar in Blocs). This isn’t a big deal for a single or dual page website, but as websites grow to dozens upon dozens of pages, it is extremely helpful to have a single place that can display all the links used and allow global changes to them individually.

For example, let’s say I’ve got a Blocs document that has 50 web pages in it, and on 4 of those pages I have manually typed in the same URL via “navigate to URL” in the right sidebar. I learn that URL has changed and therefore I need to update all instances of that URL in my Blocs website. The problem is, I forgot all the places where I typed in that URL! Having a Link List (“Edit links” or whatever you want to call it) feature would allow me to quickly find the URL that needs to be changed and change it, thereby propagating that change to all the pages where that link is used. This is a very simple yet powerful feature that I would love to see added to Blocs.



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