Link to a certain Bloc on a page

Hi everyone, is this possible?
Say I have a page with Blocs for a slideshow, About Us, Video, Music, Contact, T&C’s (or whatever), I’d like a menu at the top which would scroll you down the long page to the relevant Bloc, and maybe have a ‘back to top’ link also.
Thanks in advance. T

click on the menu and choose Source None. Then click the button in the navigation list and choose “scroll to target”
choose the bloc id …

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Also you can search the forum. ( scroll to target )

Hello again Tom, thanks very much for that, I’ll be trying that out on Monday. Cheers.

Scroll to target is a standard function in Blocs.

Check out the USER GUIDE for instructions, and be sure to provide a unique bloc ID for each section on the page you wish to scroll to (typically the ID name would be same named link used in the menu), and be sure that the blocs being ‘scrolled to’ are not placed in the ‘global areas’ of the editor–top (menu) and bottom (footer) of page.

Best way to learn blocs is through this website:

Thanks Daniel, I’ve been looking for a user guide, but been unable to find one (then of course trying to find a common term for what you want between different programmes is always a challenge)


when you are using the Blocs app, go to HELP in the upper menus, and click on USER DOCUMENTATION to link to the online guide. Then type in what you are searching for and there you have it!

Thanks DanielF, I’ve been trawling around the Blocs website to find it.

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