Linking a YouTube video

This is my first project with this new app.
I’m looking for info regarding the process for linking my Youtube videos to my website. I’ve had success linking a local video, but that success is only in the browser preview mode not live (it’s not ready for that test yet). I anticipate problems being the video file is 537 MB. When I go to the settings for YouTube/Vimeo>Embed code, the code section has a code in it already for a sample video that came with the app. I deleted it and added my YouTube code and nothing happens.
I would greatly appreciate any help.
Thanks, Jakamo

I always host my own videos but just tried this as an experiment. Right click on a video in Youtube and copy the embed code then paste it to the video bric in Blocs with the setting for Youtube / Vimeo selected. Preview the page and it should be there.

The size of the video shouldn’t be a problem live unless you have a bad network connection or something else blocking playback. If this was a private video for example that might stop it.

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Thank you! It seems like I got it working. I wasn’t putting in the correct info, just the link info wasn’t enough. It needed the embed info, which I eventually was able to find.
Thanks, Jack