Linking to third party services like Google Drive

In a nutshell, does anybody know if linking to a PDF on Google drive from a Blocs site is GDPR compliant?

I have a job to create a website, which is run by a small group with zero technical skill, but they need an option to update event dates and posters. It’s being paid for by the county council (local government), so I want to make doubly sure that I do it all correctly.

Having met the group I am sure a full blown CMS would create problems, as would FTP access, so I am thinking about producing a normal Blocs website, then linking to PDF files that they can change themselves.

Google drive seems like the simplest solution as long as they keep the same file name, since they can simply drag & drop a new PDF file when needed and have it update automatically without needing to change the link on the website.

I am wondering though if this will be GDPR compliant nowadays, since it would still be passing the IP number of the visitor to an external source without their consent in theory, unless I add an annoying popup advising that plague of locusts will descend upon their heads and serpents will leap from the Thames if their IP number is passed to Google.

The latest version of Rapidweaver includes a feature that anonymises requests to third party services, however this isn’t possible at present in Blocs, so I wonder what mechanism has been used here and whether it is something we could do ourselves. Is it actually relevant in this instance?



I’m looking forward to the answer to this.

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