List of Events

I try to find a solution to create a list of events were I can set a date and some text and links. For example:

I set a event called bicycle tour for the 1.5.2021
Now, one day later ( 2.5.201) the event bicycle tour moved to older post or an archive ( complete automatic)And it’s important that the client can do the changes … any ideas :thinking:

Using a static site you probably have a limited set of options.

But reading an XML or JSon file, and having Javascript manage the content is one option.

I use volt cms on the Site. I also talk to Jannis, I can use the blog bric but it’s not perfect for this … so I searching for another solution. But I think it’s not easy. That means for me, because a lot of code is needed ?

Personally I would use OctoberCMS to manage this, and just make a plugin to manage the events. Its a lot less time consuming, and the user is being served a complete page.

Especially since you want the client to manage this. Updating an XML file is probably not the best.

Of course there is also Wordpress these days with Blocs. But beyond a basic test case, I haven’t used it.