Local host preview

This is a super and very handy option - Thanks @Norm
Unfortunately it works on my machine only the first time in preview after starting blocs.
If I do any changes and than switch to preview the URL is not shown anymore.
I have to save and close the project, restart blocs and in the first preview I can see the URL again.
Is hat thow it works or am I missing something?
Using 3.2.0 on Macbook Pro with Sierra

I thought that was just me or I was doing something wrong, but I have the same problem, using 3.2.2 with High Sierra. I am pretty sure this wasn’t the case when the feature first appeared.

I am still using 3.2.0 and this is the only way I can use this nice feature.
Have not seen it any different, so you might be right as I didn´t tested it on previous versions.
Hope it´s a bug because this feature could be a major help (already is but this way a bit to much time consuming).

I normally like to keep my pages a php, only because some functionality requires it and that would be easier to manage at a later date. While I’m in development I’ve deliberately left pages on html, so they can be seen them on the mobile, however I’m finding the same as you that it only works once now.

I am not yet on CMS, so I can´t say anything related to PHP.

Let´s see if some other friends & collegues here have a word on our thoughts. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::star_struck:

It’s not just a CMS that requires PHP. There are other kinds of custom changes that can require PHP by necessity. This is something I first discovered with Rapidweaver and since then I’ve tended to use PHP as standard just to ensure I don’t need to change at a later date. If you did it would only require a 301 redirect, but this would avoid the risk of missing that.

Thanks, right, I forgot that each form is php based as well (shops may too).
Ok, I thought you are maybe using one of these blocs friendly CMS´s (witch I like none of them for the price/value and noticed a lot hickledipickedy and instability - My CMS on other projects was MODS & here and there still Drupal).
But these don´t touch any of my Blocs projects.
The htaccess thing is another topic I would like to open once (For my workflow it would be great to have these settings at least in the page settings, but I don´t touch the subject for the next days as even the sitemap export doesn´t work great right now - was better in early stage of v2).

BTW, do you see images and emojies right now?
Have tried to change my forum password and ended up on a 404 page - SCARY :confounded:

I can see the emoji you just added to your last post.

I can´t …


Just opened my blocs forum on Ipad.
Yes - can see your answer - But so wishywashy compared to the above (I think there is a major thing on discourse right now)
Have you tried to reset your forum password? (don´t want to force you - But if / all ok?)
To independent machines having problems here - same router - but so is Ipad.

I am out of ideas other than discourse has major security issues.

No I haven’t tried to reset that. Everything has been working OK for me on the whole. The reply I added above is just a screenshot, so that may be the reason it is fuzzy.

The reply can´t be the reason as I see all further replies very clear.

Keep your site stable and don´t try to rest your password - It might dump you in the same shit.

Thanks for being alongside and trying…

Always a pleasure :+1: