Logo centered in middle of Nav help

Hi all, i managed to centre my logo in the middle of my nav as shown by adding left margin to the A element of the “packages” link. the problem is when the window is resized to not be full width the menu breaks. how can I get the menu options and logo to shrink in size as the window is resized.

also Have I done this menu in the best possible way?

live link to site: http://eleanorgracephotography.co.uk

Did you use this template from the navigation area? It should center the logo at the top above the navigation links without adding anything?

I did yes, but i went my nav links to sit either wide of the logo so i added a 300px margin to the 4th link in order to get it to sit either side of the logo.

Okay this, really did not answer the question. I thought the user was asking for a NavMenu with Linked Items on one side and on the other and with in between the Logo.