Logo / Company name alignment bug

There is a problem with the image alignment in the “Company Name + Logo” navigation header that I can’t seem to shake. Apparently this is a default behavior and I’m surprised nobody else seems to complain about it:

Look at the orange bar on the logo relative to the text.

  • On desktop/tablet mode the logo is slightly BELOW the C
  • On the phone interface, it is slightly ABOVE the C

In my case the alignment need to be straight through the middle but I cannot get this right for BOTH mobile and desktop and it is really maddening.

I couldn’t find any ability to add custom CSS so I could tinker with vertical-alignment so I don’t know how to solve this one - any suggestions?

Alternatively - for my purpose anyways - I would be happy with being able to have the “C” in blue, and the rest of the text in black for instance, and stick to a text-only logo but I couldn’t figure out how to do this either…

And just so that’s clear, I’d really like to avoid needing to have an image-only logo…

Thank you in advance!

Hi sorry about the delay to your ticket, we had an issue with our support email last week, just followed this up via your original email.

Thanks Norm (got your message), I appreciate - glad you got things back up and working and got a patch out to fix this!

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