Logo Designs

Greetings -
Just recently finished a website for my logo designs.


Would love to hear any feedback on how it looks to how it is running (how well I used Blocs, or not).

Thank you so much!

I really nice example of less is more. Simple and elegant. I looked at all three breakpoints and I was wondering why no gallery pictures on mobile? (at least one) I also liked the bloc padding but on mobile it seems a little excessive.

I think your gallery would be a great place to use the new custom Bric Owl Carousel from @Lucas. A user would not have to scroll down the page as much to see your work. Take a look here.


Nice work!

@ndd, very nice work! I agree with @casey1823 that the padding/white space on the mobile size is excessive. That should be easily controlled and fixed using custom classes. I also happened to notice that your inline text link to the gallery isn’t functioning, just fyi. Again, easy fix. Overall, I like what you’ve done here. Keep up the great work! Warm Regards, Randy :slight_smile:

This looks great! Nice and clean. How was the product fading in and out done in your header?

Thank you! I appreciate the nice feedback.

Originally I removed the gallery in the mobile breakpoint because it felt like the webpage was 9000000 pixels long. By removing the huge gallery I felt the website immediately felt less chaotic/massive.

So the mobile view gallery button isn’t working nicely I take it? I have no idea why. It should just open up the gallery when you tap on it (which does fine on my iPhone 6). That makes me sad. The Bric Owl Carousel is very nice though! I might consider using that instead :smiley:


The fading is done via the animation settings within the Carousel bloc. See image attachment for settings. All the product images I used have a 0% opacity as the background and saved as .PNGs. The white/grey diamond pattern is set as the website background, not apart of the product images.

Thank you! Appreciate the feedback - going to work on fixing the mobile portion. I’ll bug you all to take a peek at it again when I get around to finishing it :smiley:

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Very Cool looking Blocs design!

Thank you! :smile: