Looking for a Web Designer

I have no idea what the cost is to have a website created, but here’s my website that I did with Blocs and I’m ready to upgrade it and make it look more professional. I’m thinking about changing my colors etc and very much open to ideas.

I do not sell anything from my website so it’s pretty straight forward.

I would like a home page, a contact page, better ways to get traffic to my social media and Etsy Shop, and a template page that I can use to create pages in the future. I also want what I guess they call a Facebook Landing Page so when I share my website it comes with a picture? I’m sure you know what this is. Overall I need something that looks great but is simple for me to use on my own.

I’m still in the inquiry process and not in a rush, so please be patient.



Contact Me at wmasters1969@gmail.com

I don’t think there is much more to do with your site - it’s ok as it is. However, you may like to rethink your video page. Instead of just embedding loads of videos, why not just add some poster images that link to the videos. This should stop multiple videos playing at the same time on the page.

Just add all your videos to modals on the page with your poster image links and have each link toggle the appropriate modal. The modal content won’t be visible on the page as such, but will come into view as a link is clicked. If someone attempts to open a second model whilst one is already playing, the first modal will stop and the second one will start.

Just a thought!!


Thanks Hendon52.

I will look up what a poster image link is and modal and go from there and thank you for the positive feedback about what I’ve done so far.

If you’re not in a hurry and you want to invest the time, I think your off to a good start doing all this yourself.

Lots of useful help in the forum.


I’m assuming this is what you were seeking?

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Thanks for the positive feedback on what I have done so far. I have absolutely no experience in any of this, so I guess it’s true that anyone can use Blocs.

And thank you for tips.