Looking for advanced Blocs developers

I’ve got a large website to build.

I’m looking to build out a composable design system in Blocs, with custom blocs and brics that wrap javascript effects or features. I’m looking for a developer who can structure my design system into a blocs template. And blood the custom blocs.

Please contact me if interested.


Hi Troy,

I have moved your post under the Freelance category. Good luck with finding the right developer for your project!

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I think the best person for the job could well be the person who moved your post! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink:

we have programmed a CMS for a customer with a mix of Blocs, PHP, MySQL, CKEditor and CKFinder. Currently, about 40 domains are fed with it at the customer.

The design was created with Blocs. There are different Blocs that can be selected and used. In concrete terms, each layout module has a Blocs page, almost analogous to the built-in Blocs elements. In each case the HTML DIVS are exchanged, i.e. the DOM tree is searched and exchanged with PHP. The access is controlled with “data attributes”. The rest remains unchanged and can be opened again with Blocs. Before the exchange there is access to a customer database and an integration of customizable leaflet maps. So third party data can be integrated.

There is a local preview and if everything is OK everything is loaded to the right domains via curl. For this we have rented an extra server. So we can assign everything perfectly to a domain with the access rights.

This works very well, but we have been working on it for several months and it should only be interesting for large and long-term projects.

The change from Blocs3 to Blocs 4 to Blocs 5 went well. This is probably because we only take the “data attributes” as the access unit.

If the short description and project size fits we should contact you.

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Not looking for a CMS as much as as have our design system implemented as a set of blocs and brics, and a couple of JS animation objects wrapped as blocs.

Otherwise we would like a static site. It it goes well, we could look at a CMS add-on, but just for Blogs.


Volt CMS is perfect therefore.

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