Looking for Image Gallery Suggestions

Hi all:

Looking for suggestions…
I created this site for a FRIEND MANY years ago, and I want to move it to Blocs.
The main point of this site is the woodworking items he has created…so, the galleries are the thing.
He has MANY, MANY pictures to share, and I was wondering what you folks think would be a good option to display said pictures?
The Thumbnails are not needed (IMO) so what would be the best Bloc/Bric to use to display them?
My fallback has become Tab Anything Pro for images, since I have had good luck using that, but I doubt that is the right tool for this many images.

Any suggestions, thoughts would appreciated…


Thanks everyone

Rich the Weather Guy

I post on-the-go onto Instagram from my phone, I. Fact I did it just now before reading this post. This is connected to my sites’ Instagram page by LightWidget, a low cost 1 time/gallery purchase that updates without any issues.
I’m also due to update my site to add Volt for the gallery function to replace my current Juicebox Pro galleries, which are nested in Tab Anything tabs. My “Details” page even has 2 layer nested Tab Anything tabs.
Clients love seeing work in progress as well as the galleries.
Hope this helps.

Within Blocs, you’re limited in options. You have the carousel and masonry gallery bric and that’s about it to choose from.
If you want something fancier you will need to go the extra mile by implementing Splide or Swiper. There are already a few topics about this on the forum. I posted a guide not long ago on how to implement Splide into Blocs. However, it might be slightly outdated as Splide recently got a boost to V4.


Very nice. I also like your woodworking skills!!! :smiley:
I will assume this is NOT a Blocs built site? The gallery you have created is almost exactly what I had in the old site.
I was thinking about looking into VOLT as an option because I understand that has gallery options.
I am NOT a programmer/designer so your mention of “LightWidget” did not mean much until I looked it up.
I am not an Instagram user, so that is not viable for me.

Thanks for the VOLT suggestion Andy…very nice site.

Rich the Weather Guy

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Hi Jerry:

I was looking at Swiper, but I don’t see how it could display a gallery of pictures?
Sharing pictures, in my mind, is a basic reason that many people put up website, so it boggles the imagination a bit that we don’t have a simple solution here in the Bloc-osphere?!?

As always, Thank you Jerry.

Rich the Weather Guy

Hi @WeatherguyNH, here’s my pet portrait site, all made with Blocs and Volt CMS.
Volt is a huge timesaver just being able to upload on the go and not have to re-export and upload the site each time.

opens up the current year, but there are links to more comprehensive galleries for 2020 and 2021.
You can set classes for the thumbnails (the white mount and black frame in my case), to customise for your needs.


Hi @WeatherguyNH
This is very much a site built in Blocs, and I’m no programmer either!

Then the gallery is really hosted elsewhere?

Rich the Weather Guy

Very nice Trevor.
I am going to have to delve into Volt and see if that might be my solution.

Thank you for the link, and suggestion!!

Rich the Weather Guy

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No, it’s a piece of software that builds a folder of images and thumbnails and generates an input code. The folder(s) are then uploaded to my site (ftp) and the code is added to a Blocs code brick in a tab the same as any other code.
But JuiceBox developers can’t get the app to run smoothly on the latest Mac OS.
Shame but I’ve purchased Volt CMS following forum advice for my planned future site update.
I just need to find time now!!

Using Instagram to update photos.
A site owner doesn’t have to show their Instagram account to the general public, but it can be used as a storage location that’s woven into so many devices, and can help upload photos without a computer. I’ll be adding a few more photo later from my iPhone and they’ll show up on my site on the Instagram and current work photo pages.
But I’ll be using Volt for my main galleries soon.

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Thank you for the explanation. Shame they can’t get it working correctly.
I am looking through the Volt tutorials and Eldar’s review, which helped quite a bit.
Kind of a shame we can’t get the Gallery without the rest. I really don’t need to manage this content remotely.

Will keep looking. Not sure VOLT is the right solution for me.

Thanks again.,…

Rich the Weather Guy

Been messing around with Blocs built-in Galleries. None really function like the one Trevor has, and adding blank images changes the lightbox flow order, so that doesn’t seem to work for me.
The Blocs image gallery options are fine for a few images, but scaling that up is nearly impossible.
Tab Anything Pro would be a massive project since each image would need to need to be in its own container, so that won’t work with the number of images I have to post.
Struggling a bit to find a solution that will work for me. Will revisit Swiper, and Volt.

Rich the Weather Guy

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Well, after looking at the possibilities, I think I am going to give Swiper a shot at this.
I hope there are no limits to the images you can load.
I will circle back at some point and let you all know how this is working, but its gonna be a while.

Thanks everyone.,…

Rich the Weather Guy