Looking for tips: add data/scores semi-realtime

I’m involved in organising a golf tournament for a 150 ppl event in May. As part of a two-day tournament, we want to be able to present results from Day 1, Day 2 and Total, as soon as we can after flights come in and their scores are checked.

We’ll have a small team that collects the score cards after they’ve been signed. They might have access to a computer, but not the machine that has the Blocs project and they are not directly uploading to the web server.

I, on the other hand, am responsible for pushing updates to the homepage, but I won’t be around the score collecting team the whole time.

I’m looking for tips/ideas to solve the challenge of presenting the results to the contestants as soon as possible, in a reliable manner.

Do we know of any solutions that lets a Blocs project connect to something like a Google spreadsheet and refresh the data after updates to document? Are there any notable Blocs/Brics to help with tabular data? Does anyone know of a good external solution (regardless of Blocs) to present live scoring?

I’ll do my own googling for sure, but I’m asking here too, since I don’t want to miss any obvious Blocs-related solutions. Thanks!

I’m using Datawrapper regularly for similar projects as yours. It’s super awesome and FREE without a subscription. :star_struck::moneybag:

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Thanks Jerry!

I’ll read up on it fully. Just quickly: where is the source of truth for data? Is it something they host, or do I link to, or upload, a document like a spreadsheet?

Made an account and found it. I can, for instance, link to a Google doc.

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Thanks again. Looks very promising and the exact reason it was a good idea to ask here instead of blind googling.

Quickly published a demo chart to my account from them and then just pasted the code snippet they gave me into a ‘code snippet’ iframe and in loads very cleanly.

Nice. :+1:t2:

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Yeah, it’s super cool. I got some nice graphs with it.

Hi @Pixla why don’t you use proper golf scoring software.
I have never been involved in the website or the app booking myself, as I play in the competitions as we are in a golfing family and play with other golfers a lot. How the comps are done normally with a mix of professional and amateur we always use digital scoring systems now.

You can have a scorer go around the 2,3 or 4 ball noting the scores live per hole and leader boards around the course if there are digital scoreboards can do live scores as in pro golf.

If its more low key then they all score on cards and then they sign and had cards to the scorecard hut/table/area and they are double checked by 2 and then scores inputted with a checker to verify they are in correct and then all scores.

A tournament we played in last year where our team came 2nd the software was: Golf genius which was great and easy for us all to use. If anyone has handicaps or or type of scoring then it will work everything out too, removing human error. : https://www.golfgenius.com/tm

There are a few free ones: Golf Pad Events

I have not done a competition in the last 7-8 years where it’s not been a digital way of scoring.

Users can use the app - or you can screen shot the data from the master computer and upload it to the Blocs website. Golf Genius might do an embed for final results per day or live as they come in - live is always best in my opinion.

I see a mention of charts and graphs etc - what would the purpose of this be when a leaderboard is all golfers require?

Good luck !

We—or our yearly event, rather—have used Golf genius previously a couple of times. The annual subscription for what we need is +$1000.

I guess that’s the short answer.

We don’t need live scoring during the round. But we do want people to be able to see the scores relatively quickly after they come in, as they are socialising.

I don’t think I mentioned charts and graphs in my ‘requirements list’. But having a tool that can easily convert from mainstream, non-technical documents like Google spreadsheets to embedded website data (for free) is extremely useful in many use cases.

In my case I will have a small group of people that can update a spreadsheet, no problem, and then I can funnel all traffic the the “single source of information” that we have used leading up to and through the event. The event is a yearly, closed community event that is 65% social and 35% golf, and on top of that you could say it’s 90% fun and 10% competition.

I appreciate the tips though and agree that both for my own scoring during casual and competition rounds I like using GolfShot Pro and in more golf focused evens in smaller circles we have a couple of different live scoring apps that are popular.

Google spreadsheets are rather handy. You can actually make a basic CMS using them too. :rofl:

Yeah… I haven’t used them all that much, but learning about data validation and things like that makes me realise you can almost build a basic “app” for our needs.

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I haven’t done it myself, just familiar with the idea. But yeah, I am sure its handy for many use cases.

Just a note…There is a Charts Bric from Norm.

I use it every day on my weather site. Very easy to use…


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