Looking for USB Charging Station

What Desktop USB Charging Station are you using that support charging for the MacBook Pro 16" 2021 and both the M1 & M2?

I saw this, but there has got to be a better one. Something that has more like a docking station with 10 GB transfer and HDMI.

Hi KB:

I just purchased the UGREEN model (65W) mentioned in this article.

I hope this helps.

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I recently purchased this for my M1 MacBook Pro. Looks very good on a desk and has a good amount of ports. Unfortunately, I don’t think it would support fast charging for the MacBook Pro 16".

Thanks for replying. The specs on the Ethernet Port Connect to a router or modem at 1 Gbps. Need one that support 10GB

Thanks for letting me know about this one. It it way under the watts needed. Looking more for a Docking Station.

I thought you had an Intel MacBook Pro @KBConcepts only the Apple Silicon has fast charging as far as I know.

The 16” needs 140watts for fast charging I thought. :man_shrugging: the factory charger is 96? from memory :joy:

Yes, I believe you said we have the same one. 140 watts is correct. Are you using a Docking Station / Charging System, if so which one?

You can’t fast charge it. The 2021 MacBook Pro they’re refer to is the M1 that came out in November I think it was.

I am about to sell my 2019 16", as I now have a Mac mini M2 Pro. And I will pick up a cheap M1 Air for remote work.

But I was powering my 16" through my monitor. I brought a monitor with a 100w pass through on the USB-C. (hard to find, but it was then only once cable :smile:)

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No dedicated 8GB graphic card, like the one we have.

How about this one…

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Unified memory works differently.

I must say that is an interesting one, but it still lacking when it comes to support for the MacBook Pro 16" and up
USB-C PD Pass-through Port up to 75W


Well, I guess I will keep trying. :laughing:

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