Looking for your Volt tips 'n' tricks

Hi everyone.

I have been playing with the brilliant Volt CMS from @InStacks and so far really enjoying it.
Jannis has been helping me with styling etc and really looking forward to building a project for my friend with using Volt and my wife’s Blog website !!!

As many of us know - working on projects and then after spending a long time doing something, you find either a quicker way or a much simpler way of doing something after watching a brilliant @Eldar video or @Malachiman posts a snippet of code which I sit back and think…ive wasted 2 days trying to do that and that one line does it all !..or you might have seen something that someone else has done and thought WOW! thats great and then copied it.

So basically if anyone has any tips on the below list that I would like to know how you work around things etc

1 - Once the blog is created and all is up and running, what back-up do you do to ensure these are all kept safe?..i know Volt does a back up - but can this be backed up when we open blocs - as my test blogs created online are shown on my Blocs project when I open too…so can this be backed up both ways?

2 - Has anyone decided to do a total website change yet, if a client has new colours, fonts and change layout from 1 column to 2 column and colours and even change the page URL !!! is this all pretty easy to move and change?

3 - Post your style or WOW tips that you use all the time, borders, shadows, hover effects - integrating brics into volt etc.

I hope this post will be helpful not just to me but for others too

Thanks all !

I’ll comment on this one:

Backups (better versions of the textual content) will be saved as zip file each day a user logs in into the _cms folder. Images will not get into that zip because of file size reasons.

You have to take care about these zip files, for example copying them to your local backup, or having an automated server way to do that.

I recommend copying the _cms folder to your local backup from time to time.


Brilliant - thanks Jannis.

When the client has done posts etc…and i open Blocs - the additional posts that the client has done, this shows in Blocs too (like a 2 way send) so if i make a change in one of the posts for them and add some extra text - will this save in the _cms folder…so what the client makes on their side in Volt CMS/BLOG - i see in Blocs and what we change in Blocs - they see when Volt CMS/BLOG?

To be honest - i don’t think I will ever have to change anything as once I have it set for the clients requirements then when they post then it will be done.

I would like to see how people are creating blog posts when the image to the right hand side and text to the right too - if this can be done!

And borders around the whole post - so much can be done, which is great !

Inside Blocs preview, you are not able to change any Volt content. Only existing content on the live server will be loaded into Blocs preview for better design possibilities.

You are able to edit Volt content only on the live published site.

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@AdieJAM I think first you have to understand that Volt CMS is not a full fledged Wordpress CMS. It was designed to be simple, no coding needed. It installs easy and works great. The Blog feature came after the initial release. I’ve not used that feature yet. I have installed Volt on most of my projects. I find it’s not just for the client, it can be very handy for the designer.

Here’s one site it use it on. Scroll down to the featured home section. This is all done in Volt. The button that matches the site is not a button. It’s done with a class applied to the link. Either my client or myself can now easily change the feature home without using Blocs. I love it.

Here’s a second site that using Tab Anything and all of the menu items are using Volt. Again a great feature that lets my client adjust items and pricing.



Although it’s not a tip or a trick - it’s a Volt question!
Is there any way in Volt (apart from the gallery) to have 2 inserted images line up side by side? I always seem to get them one above the other.
Thanks all.

2 great looking sites ! well done @casey1823 - really tidy.

Yeah - simple is perfect for me and Volt has a lot of options to do so many things !

The one thing i need is able to do a blog post with the image to the left and the content to the right - I will have a look shortly on this.