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Hi all!
My first post here but been following forum and learnt a lot. I’m trying to integrate pulse cms to my blocs page so I can make fast text changes in cms instead of opening blocs for that but I have run in to a problem hoping someone can help (tested cushy cms and have same problem there).

Problem: When I need to change any layout or so in my website from blocs and then export it back to the ftp I lose the text changes I’ve done to the cms blocks in cms-panel and need to re type it all. Is there someway to get around this so I can upload updates of my site from blocs and not lose the content I have put in by the cms?
I also have integrated a pulse blog and that seems to work fine and not lose any content when I re upload my blocs files to ftp.

Very thankful for all the advice and help I can get here, really like Blocs and Pulse CMS works great with it for my use, just this part that is troubling me and can’t find a way around it.


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This is a bit irratating but the answer is fairly simple. Before you upload the new BLOCS version, access your server using FTP and copy the content/blocks folder to your desktop. Once you’ve uploaded the new version copy this folder back again and all your text etc will be correct.

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Great solution by @David

Couple things extra @kokeaa:

  1. There’s also an auto daily backup built-in to Pulse. If you check Content/backups on your server there should be some zips in there.

  2. It’s always wise to take a backup before uploading to the server anyway - as a habit!

  3. Just upload the exported “template” folder and don’t overwrite your “content” and that should be right :slight_smile:

Thankyou @David and @pulsecms for this information!
Very helpful, will try it out !

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