Lurker, first time posting - revised informative site

Hi all,

Just uploaded a revised site for my wife, there’s nothing mind blowing about it, no bells and whistles, just a simple informative site to get a point across.

The only thing I have struggled with was the location of the index page.
I have built ‘olejki’ page first and ‘start’ page last and now I have no options to reassign index to a page I want.
I guess I need to rebuild the site to amend this.

Hopefully Norm will come up with a way of easily correcting this.

Please have your go with comments, all appreciated.


I like it!

Confused why a foreign language (Polish?) site is on a .UK domain.

Would be nice to see some odd-even separation between rows for the bottle info.

All that info on a single page is slowing down loading. Have you tried lazy loading?

I don’t like the swinging reveal at the page bottom.

Some pages have repeated graphics (Zastosowanie).


Contact page shows a watch! Why?

Thumbs-up, generally!


Thank you pauland.

  • Polish language: polish clients and team based in the UK. Since we are based in the UK it’s easier to own UK based hosting (1and1 uk won’t let me host .pl domain ) In the future the site will be bilingual :gb:

-separations: will need to work on that

-‘lazy loading’ : will need to look into that and how it works

-swinging info at the bottom: my wife seems to like it :wink:

-image repetition: overlooked this one. Thanks

-favicon: yes, I know :rotating_light:

-contact watch: it’s time to get in touch LOL

I really appreciate the time you took to make all your comments.

Thanks again,

Slighlty updated site:

Thanks to Paul for all the comments.

I still need to update the flavicon :slight_smile:


Thank goodness that the flipping image is gone -now it’s classy not naff.

Contact. A Map? No!

Forget the location idea, put some product there! a line of three bottles or something, someone looking happy with the product.

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Can you adopt me Paul? :joy:

There is some work to be done on the product page, there seems to be some issues with bottle image sizes, but I need more time to work on this.

Thanks again for your expert input.


I need someone to adopt me, I think!

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