MacOS Ventura

Who is taking the plunge today? Just got my notification :wink:

I need to hear of the how many bugs get squashed. :smile: I love a clean environment.

No issues so far, running snappy. :slight_smile:

I usually wait several months for the bugs to be worked out. Good luck and let us know how it running. Also, I would be interested to know WHY you updated? Just because…? Or was there a particular feature you were looking to use?

Rich the Weather Guy

Having a household full of iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, it’s just easier to have everything up to date and on the same OS feature-wise. eg. Photos will be one this time around.

I have been running the Betas on my iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad for months.

I don’t run the betas on my main Mac. Although I tell myself to wait for the first point release, I usually am updated by the end of the day :rofl:

I also didn’t have any software in my workflow that was going to cause problems. I always check that first for key apps.

I don’t see the point in waiting for months, when there has already been months of beta testing. Of course, there are always going to be bugs… and any point release can introduce those bugs too.

P.S. I used Stage Manager for about 7 seconds and then turned it off. I am aware that’s still a little wonky. I am not sure I actually like it anyway.

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Stage Manager interested me as well, though the early comments are not encouraging.
I have a house full of Macs and other Apple gear, but I am reluctant to install OS updates so quickly, mainly because of bugs and I had done an update years ago that took my main Mac down for days. Can’t afford to let that happen again.
So, after having been a Mac user for some 30+ years, I think back in the day, Apple updates were less buggy and more stable, but nowadays it seems like we are ALL beta testers in the first couple of point releases.
I prefer to wait a bit. I will probably make the jump next year.

Rich the Weather Guy

So far Blocs has been running smoother, the problem for me selecting images and them getting stuck is fixed. The color picker eye dropper works better. Blocs just feels better on Ventura.