MacPilot - useful or not

The Epochtimes is suggesting this app.

I was curious if anyone find it useful?

Less a suggestion and more paid content. Basically an ad that is an article.


I don’t have it…Sorry…

Rich the Weather Guy

If you need:
[…] “from displaying hidden files in Finder, disabling the startup chime, changing the screenshot file format, customizing the dock, and more.”

Onyx is free :wink:

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Interesting App.

I’ve used Onyx for at least 10 years. Less so with the recent MacOS versions. Was a great app. Can’t comment on the more recent versions.

You must really like it to trust it for that amount of time.

Since Tiger days. It was great for repairing permissions etc.

Still using Onyx on Monterey - its great. Not sure if I would install it on a M chip yet.

Which you are now also able to perform with keystrokes or system preferences :smile::+1:



cmd + shift + . to show/hide invisible files. For startup without the chime, I simply mute my MacBooks volume.

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I think even therefore is a setting.