Macworld best of 2016 Blocs


Just was reading Macworld this morning and they have one of there year end articles.

The 29 best reviewed Mac apps 2016. Guess what’s on it?

Blocs 2.0

Congrats @Norm



@casey1823 this is great! Thanks for sharing!


That is something to really shout about. Especially as it is based on a version reviewed back in July 2016. Congratulations.


I can’t say I recall seeing any other web design apps in that list of 29, so I guess that makes Blocs the clear best in class show winner.


@Flashman Macworld compared a lot of web-design software for 2016. I followed some of the reviews and like Blocs each program has its strong and weak features. Norm has kept Blocs focus as a program that requires no coding if you don’t want to go that route. I started using Blocs very early on (version 1.0) and I can say Norm has not changed his focus but has added the ability to add many features that were not available early on. Yes, it takes some knowledge to implement some of the advanced features and yes we could have better documentation but I think that will be coming.

I’ve seen a big migration in the last few months of more experienced web designers that are asking for more features on the forum. Why are so many trying Blocs? My guess is there current program does not fill all of there needs either. Maybe Blocs is not for everyone, I don’t know many programs that fill everyones need.

I hope you stick with Blocs and give it more time to grow. Blocs has allowed me to get get away from the Adobe subscription model and easily convert my customers sites in to responsive design.



@casey1823 I know Macworld tested a number of design apps during the year, but only one of those made it on their annual shortlist of star apps and that was Blocs. For that reason I described it as the clear best in class.

I have yet to spend time seriously working with Blocs, because I’ve had a couple projects to update that were previously started with Rapidweaver, so on a practical level I had no wish to start them from scratch using different software.

The updates for these two projects should be complete by the end of tomorrow and afterwards I can throw myself into Blocs with more dedication. Only time will tell how Blocs eventually develops, but my hope is that I will soon be able to build attractive looking sites in record time.