Magento CMS integration

Hi, as data-source if it’s possibile integrate Magento (or Prestashop), blocs can be able a perfect front end headless e-commerce instead sad vuefront or similar code editor.
This integration opens a new scenario in headless ecommerce market and can revolution all project from day-1 :slight_smile:
(If you go in this way, please don’t forget the friends!) :wink:

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I recently started exploring the world of headless e-commerce, and integrating Magento or Prestashop as a data source sounds like a game-changer! Imagine the possibilities for a seamless front end without the hassle of code editors. It’s like turning a new leaf on day one of a project, right?

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Funny you’re new members posting about this. Wonders what’s your real intention…


I’m looking into buying crypto-currencies :coin::coin:. Maybe someone here can put me in the right direction? :grinning:


While I can get these requests, I reckon the chance of them being implemented quite low.

Prestashop is used by 0.8% of all site and 1.2% of all sites using a CMS (source: Usage Statistics and Market Share of PrestaShop, December 2023)
Magento isn’t even in these listings but via another site I found that only about 225K of sites on the entire internet are still using Magento (and that is counting both Magento1 and Magento2).

So I think this would only pose a very limited possibility for a return on the investment needed to add this to Blocs and thus not really has that much of a chance of getting added. I assume you would rather see additions to optimize for WooCommerce quicker (as the WordPress support is already there).

@Jerry if you’re serious about that, here’s how I decide what coins to invest in :wink:

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Have I ever not been? :blush: Great article written by the master himself! :+1:t3:


What! no XRP? :grin:

This thread seems to be attracting new sign up spammers, so I think it is better to close it here.