Mailchimp Bric?

My client wants to use Mailchimp instead of the blocs form. I read some forums on here that there is a Mailchimmp bric but couldn’t find it. I tried pasting the Mailchimp code into an HTML bric and it’s doesn’t look right. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There is a basic Mailchimp signup Bric, that @norm made as an example for the Developer API, shown recently in this thread. It can be accessed via Developer > Bric Builder, in the top menu bar of the app. Once in the Bric Builder ‘add new Bric’ menu (+).

It looks as follows in Blocs:

Bric Library:


Used on Page:

Side Bar Options:


Otherwise …

Via Blocs Preview? Does it look ok when previewed directly in a Browser?

Thanks I found the bric. But it doesn’t seem to work the way it should. There is a lot of extra text and coding and it looks really messy.

Anyway to customize the button or positioning? This is what it looks like when I drop the bric in.


I’m about to lose a major client since even the mailchimp bric doesn’t work. I’m either getting errors while trying to use the bric or it’s out of alignment and I can’t seem to customize it.

I tried reinstalling the bric and now I’m gettin this!???

I would hope there is a ready made bric for some of the most popular email programs out there. Mail Chimp, Constant Contant, Emma and others.

When a lot of the competition includes such things as standard faire it should tell you something.
This is meant as advice for a good program like a Blocs to be made into an excellent program.

Add some BRICs… Embedded Music audio players, video, tabbed and accordion widgets just to name a few. Leave the more sophisticated botique Brics for third party developers.

I’ve been seeing people, that is potential users of a Blocs post here as I have only to be “bullied” into essentially just “shut up” we don’t need your opinion.

I hope Norm takes notice if this poor behavior on his forum and gets the few posters who ruin it for rest (who just go elsewhere) to dial it down a bit. Else they just go somewhere else.

Back to the posters frustration…I’m sure there are some good people here that can help him out.

Well I ended up losing the client. They decided to go with Wix since he said it worked with MailChimp. FML

Mail chimp Brics only works once hosted, they don’t work in app or when you preview in browser.

You could also use the html bric and paste in a mail chimp snippet, that would also work.

Regarding your alignment issues, looks like a custom class is effecting that. I’d recommend preview in browser, then debugging (with WebKit inspector) the field and form to see what’s causing the misalignment.

I would also note the api is in alpha this means it’s there to experiment with and nothing that comes with it is production ready.

@johnandrew Customers who are so close to using a Wix solution are not going to be a customer worth pursuing, in my experience. They had already cut you out of the equation but hopefully will come back to you when they realise the mess they get themselves in trying to create their own site with Wix.

As Norm pointed out, you could just paste the Mailchimp provided code into a HTML Bric, which is Mailchimp’s recommended solution and one that works very well.


Does this work the same way with all email apps like constant contact, Emma, etc.?

It will work with any email app that generates HTML code for inclusion into your website.

Thx Hendon52. :slight_smile:

Thanks norm for getting back to me. Wish I had known about the Bric needing to be hosted but the form layout didn’t work nor was it customizable.

I also tried using the html brick with copying and pasting the MailChimp code with and without javascript enabled and that was also a mess. After spending hours on it my client wasn’t confident enough with the Blocs app and chose to go a different route.


Yes I think you are right. Such a silly reason to want to go another route because of something so simple but that’s exactly what happened. Wish it had been easier to just copy and paste a simple code or have something already integrated with Blocs to work with MailChimp but nothing worked.

You can always tell and educate a prospective client about all the other important aspects of the work you will do for them. Unless it’s the simplest of sites there is often too much to do for a client. Especially if you let them know it’s more than design.
It’s SEO, writing and spell checking copy, placing things in a way that makes sense for thier brand. Lots more to a website than just putting it up. Most people want to do and conduct thier business they know. That’s up to you to “sell” them on what you can do for them.


I took a look at your site and the form you head was exactly what I was trying to achieve. Was that built using RapidWeaver and just placing in the MailChimp code?

That form is just the simple Mailchimp code with a bit of extra styling I added to style the code you can download from Mailchimp, placed into a HTML stack which is the same process as placing into a HTML Widget.