Mailchimp Form and Integration

Hey guys!
New to Blocs and love it so far.

I’m trying to find a way in which I can create a simple e-mail capture on the footer, which then I can link and integrate with Mailchimp.

Wondering if there was any pre-existing blocs for e-mail captures??
If anyone has seen one, built one, or figured it out, please let me know :slight_smile:

Paste the Mailchimp code into an HTML bloc?

yes thats right

Since 4 days I made a mail chimp account and added a newsletter signup in a HTML bric on a site of a client, works perfekt!
check out
This HTML bric you can also put in your footer, you need to know a bit of HTML and CSS to ‘style’ the mail chimp code to fit in your sites design
good luck

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CAUTION! On a side note if you add mail chimp to a site and you have them generate the code for the form make sure you check the DISABLE ALL JAVASCRIPT in the options. If you don’t and you paste the code in a html brick then it could corrupt you Bloc file.

Always keep a backup of the bloc.file. I misses the disable check box and yes it corrupted my file. Yes I kept a backup.

It does work nice!


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thats correct @casey1823 ( its written in the NOTE of the HTML bric in Blocs,)
I used the super slim settings of mailchimp ( no javascript :smiley: )

Hey guys, thanks a ton for this information. I noticed the big bright red caution message and looks like any will mess up html blocs.

Question for you guys as you guys use third party integrations. While using Blocs, do you guys just design almost 90% of the code blocs and then when you guys want to add third party scripts, plugins, you guys do so ad hoc (after export and into ftp). ??

Im assuming no way to really use third party plugins with or tags with blocs out of the box correct?

Hi :slight_smile: Thank you all for your support. Where do I add the Mailchimp code? And which code? And where do I find the code on Mailchimp?

Thank you all :slight_smile:

Look through here @Yves on how to generate your form code:

Then paste that MailChimp form code into an HTML Bric in Blocs app :slight_smile:


Hi guys, it doesn’t work for me. I am putting the code, it seems perfect but when I clik the “subscribe” button I take the answer: “Sorry it seems that our mail server is not responding, Sorry for the inconvenience!” Please help, I’m a graphic designer, I find blocs great but all these seems greek to me when I have to understand code! (Funny because I’m greek)

Almost novice here :slight_smile: - might be able to help though.

That response sounds like the one from the standard form submission. Under settings on the right hand side you see the success and fail messages.

If you’re using the form you have to change the “send to” address to your one. If you’re using a mail chimp HTML Bric I don’t think you’d see that.

But there are some far more experienced users on here who no doubt will be able to help.

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THNX, I’ll try.

Hello Sandy,
Is it possible that you can sent me some screenshots how you made this in Blocs ?

Greetings Menno

He Menno, well you need a mailchimp account and there you will find the tab integrations, there you can get the code from mailchimp to put on your blocs site. in Blocs make a html bric and paste the code there. the rest will work by itself. i you want to tweak a bit you cann add you classes for the correct fonts and sizes. then it will look nice in you design. good luck

Hello sorry, sorry for my late answer. Thank you. The only qiestion I have right now on your answer is, that I work with Volt CMS for blogs, ans I want these in Mailchimp