Mailchimp plugin bug

Hi Norm,

  1. Recently I successfully integrated the Mailchimp plugin. It works like a charm. Thank you for this great free plugin!

  2. When I exported the website I noticed a bug on the page.

There is an unwanted HTML element with the following content: "SHOW ON EXPORT"

I’m attaching a screenshot about it.

Would you kind to look after it? I would be glad so much if this glitch could be solved.

Thank you!

Hey @RobertPetras

You can open the Bric Builder, select the MailChimp Bric and click on the HTML Tab.

You will see the line there. I’m not sure why its been set like this, but its sets to show outside of Blocs :wink:

You could comment it out or remove it I guess.

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Wow, that was quick. Thank you @Malachiman!

I will do what you recommended.

P.S. The plugin was a fresh download.

I have had it for a while, but haven’t used it.

This question has come up before in the forum.

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  1. I removed it but it is still shown not only in the exported page but in the preview as well.
  2. Then I deleted the old form and created a new one.

This time the output was clean.

Thank you again!

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Yeah the Bric probably needed to be reset.

Great its working.

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Oh that’s interesting I’ll get that fixed tomorrow.


Just pushed v1.0.1 with the fix for this.

Just open Extension Manager and it should show the update after a few seconds, if not, you may have a pre-update version of the Bric, in which case download here.


Thank you Norm!

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