Mailchimp Pop-ups?

Is it possible to add the code for Mailchimp pop-ups? If yes, where would you go to add the code?



You could use the HTML widget or create your own custom bric using the Blocs API.

@norm the Mailchimp pop-up code contains Javascript? I know Blocs handles this better now and you did do some work on this feature. Would it be better to placed the code in the “Add Code Area” in blocs page?

I’ve tried both ways with the mailchimp pop-up and both seen to work. I’m just kind of cautious using javascript and wondering which way would lesson the potential for problems in Blocs.


Id probably put it in the footer code area. Not sure if it needs to be parsed prior to the html in which case I’d add the JS to the header if it needs to be loaded before the html.

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I’ll give the header/footer a try.

FYI that did work. Thanks!

Is there a way to create a pop up window in Blocs for other things?

Not at the present time, we are hoping to add one soon.

Thanks. I found some code that let me make one.

Sorry to resurrect an old thread but the original OP says that he/she found a way to make Mailchimp pop-ups work in Blocs. I’ve tried multiple methods and I cannot.

Is there a guide somewhere to adding Mailchimp integration nicely in Blocs? I can’t get the pop-ups to work at all, whether in header or footer code. I tried a basic Mailchimp form and eventually I got it to show a small text box and a button, all left-aligned without any styling.

Completely lost. Is there an article or post on this?

There is a Mailchimp form bric example included in the Bric Builder.

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Oh! I’ve never used the Bric Builder before but the example works fine, thanks!

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Anybody find away to get the popup working? I tried adding script to header and footer but it doesnt seem to work?

The MailChimp popup, you need to get the pop code from your mail chimp form. I’ve used it and it works well.


Customize your popup widget for MailChimp:

Copy the generated code:

Paste code in Page Settings under Footer:

Results will not show in Blocs preview but in the Browser preview: