Major Export issues

Header background pictures not shown after export although image is uploaded and was correctly displayed in preview.

Colour settings of various rows different than preview.

Screenshot Blocs:

Screenshot Preview:

Screenshot Web:

If this is somthing you think is a potential bug, the best place to report it is in app, I rarely have time to follow up random posts here in the forum and I’m not going to be here In the forum much over the next 2 months. Bug tickets in app come direct to me.

Ok, fair enough.

By the way, it looks like it is a browser thing - and only with Chrome.

Thought it is helpful to send screens as well.
To discribe it at bug report without pics is a bit nasty for non native.

And for those of you not seeing changes you expect to be seeing in the browser, make sure to clear the browser’s cache before driving yourself nuts.

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Dear me, refresh doen´t do it all:+1:

I hope that doesn’t come across in the wrong way BTW. I’m totally cool with folks talking about bugs etc here in forum. It’s just really helpful when they come in app as I get info about your system and Blocs version automatically, with the added plus of me not missing it.

By the way, did a hard refresh in chrome fix this?

I am a bit short to understand all the abrivations like BTW (by the way?) and DM it to me.

Cool that you are cool, guess there is no other way if you want to set up an easy non coder app.
For sure there are different languages of Users and Nerds - have had that, and that´s why I try myself now.
Will post mostly in the app in future, hope you´ll understand without screens and bad english.

And Yes, shame one me and apologize - Chrome did need a “hard refresh” - the others didn´t, worked all well with “normal refresh” on all browsers except Googles.

So far, thinking now about my three wishes for 2.4 (hoping the first that wish that every current work will be compatible is not counting).

Warm regards from Cologne

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