Make drag and drop work... please

I get it. You think “drag and drop” is old fashioned, and think you have a better idea.

Problem is you are a party of one. What’s worse than a marginally better idea, is that if mastered has minor benefits, but is vastly DIFFERENT than the whole OS and all software on it.

The end result is the application comes off as a shoddy QT port, not a native MacOS Cocoa application. Its off-putting, and harder to use. Even after months of using Blocs, I came back to it today, and tried to drag-and-drop an image from the asset manager into the side-panel. No nothing. Took 5 minutes to figure it out.

Please cut it out.

Why do you want to drag an image from the asset manager to the side panel?

If you merely want to add an image to the page via drag & drop, you can take it from anywhere on the computer and drag it to the desired image bric. That automatically adds the image to the page and asset manager as well.

Alternatively, you can also drag an image straight from the asset manager to an image bric. What is it you are trying to achieve?

Drag and drop is supported to work this way. Did you drag the image to an image well in the sidebar and what element was selected on the Blocs canvas?

The only place drag and drop is disabled is with drop mode. Which is not that popular now we have the bric bar on the canvas.