Make the footer always stick to bottom

Hi there!

How can I make my footer always stick to the bottom of the page regardless the height of the elements inside?

Practically, when I had my copyright paragraph to the footer’s section it doesn’t really stick to the bottom of the page. There is always a blank space if the content of my page isn’t long enough.

Can you give me the tip to do this?


Set one of the content Bloc from the dynamic area so it’s padding is fill screen

Hi Norm !

Thanks for your help.
I’m not sure I understand.

The page is divided in three sections

  1. The navigation global area
  2. The dynamic area
  3. The footer global area

I’ve placed my copyright paragraph in the footer global area, and my text content is well placed in the dynamic area so I’m a bit lost…

Select the Bloc in the dynamic area and set its padding to fill screen it will force the site to take up the entire screen cause if foot to be fixed to bottom of browser.

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