Making carousel full screen by clicking

Hi there,

I’m new to blocs and i’m not a coder, but I’m having fun!
I’m trying change my carousel, so that when clicking on it, one can see the pictures on the full screen and can click through them.

a link for refrence:

it should be similar to the gallery on top
I would appreciate any help,


I’ve never done it, but just putting a thought out there.
Is it possible to have a link in the whole carousel (flex??) which could open up a new window or toggle an (almost) full screen modal?
Or a single pic, like your example to do the same?

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Hi, @linn20 It’s great to hear you’re enjoying the endless possibilities of Blocs! The carousel is not designed for the purpose you’re looking for. As a being a non-coder your best bet is the Owl carousel available in the Blocs’ store: It solves your problem for 15 Euros only. I’m using it myself! If you want to be more adventurous go for Tiny Slider:
If you want exactly the same as on the website of 6a, Get a developer on board like @Malachiman

thanks a lot! I’ll try that!