Margin helper classes - How to remove

I’ve used the class manager to add my rules (including margins) for all my headings.

When adding headings, margin helper classes get added as well. I don’t want these added but don’t seem able to turn them off through the UI.

Is there any way to just have the headings added without the margin helper classes?


Is this possible at all?

@abradshaw Yes you can add rules to elements and then add a class just for certain headings. If you look at my example you we see the I have styled the H3 tag. All H3 headings I create will be purple with 10 left margin.

I then highlighted the second H3 heading and created a new class called special-H3. I then changed the colors to brown and gave it a additional margin of 75.

So I now have defined what all my H3 headings will be but also created the additional class that I can apply to any other H3 class.

One thing to remember is that a class can be defined different for each state (desktop, tablet and mobile) This is very helpful as a 75 margin may look good on the desktop and tablet but not on mobile.
I hope this helps.