Master Developer and Blocs Designer


Our friend @Eldar as dedicated countless hours for all of us. He has mastered Blocs and has made the best Blocs Templates and Tutorials for our benefit. Check out his plan for this year.


Yes, Eldar is a great friend of all Blocs users. Like many users, he donates countless hours to help people learn Blocs. What I especially like is that Eldar teaches how you can get the most out of using “just Blocs”. His templates, core videos, and other tutorials are professionally done.

If you really want to learn how to use Blocs I would recommend subscribing to his services. You not only will learn Blocs but you’ll help support Eldar projects, so our community will continue to get this type of quality content.

Thanks, Eldar


@KBConcepts Thank you for sharing! I am working on new videos for Blocs Master series as we speak! Coming soon!

@casey1823 Thank you for your support! I am going to give even more to this wonderful community this year!