Master element (column)

Guys I have a question. I’m designing a site that will have 20 pages all the same. each one will describe a different apartment. is it possible in some way to edit only once the right box or the column with the links to the various apartments so that if they were to add new ones, I can edit only once that column having the effects on all the other pages? (like what happen for elements above the blu line in the menu section)
Tx a lot

As long as it’s located in the header or the footer that would work.

I know, but it’s not located in the heade or in the footer

The only way I can think of you doing this in Blocs right now, is using JavaScript and populating the column from an array, you would only need to edit that array list in one place for the whole site.

Probably not the answer you want though.

The other option is a CMS, they are better suited for something like this.

I have wanted and requested this feature for quite some time now.

Virtually every site I build needs this at one time or another.

I get around it by using PHP and html blocs that reference hand coded files linked in Project Settings. It’s not much fun.

I’d be very excited to see this feature added.

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