Maximum width

I need help please. How to make the page to have a maximum width of 1920px?

Hi @Darja

Although I do not suggest to do that as smaller devices viewing will be affected, you can change width in Project settings. Check the following documentation:



I’ll send you my link
There is a set width of 15 in the project settings and it does not work and does not adapt to the width.

Please take a look at it.

Hi @Darja

First I realized there was a typo in my response. I actually do not suggest to modify it. However, you can adjust the background images with the panels on the right hand side for padding and background image options.


I do not understant what you mean with width of 15 ? Is there a typo here ?

I have looked at your link (so far nice looking site) but I do not see what the problem is ?

Can you please clarify ?