Menu : adding #Anchors fields


As a feat suggestion because i went around and didn’t fin the solution (if someone has it I’m taker :pray:, maybe something noob :grin:) ;
it has to to with submenu links to pages + anchors.

In, two ways :

  • link to page (ok…)
  • link to URL

I thus tied naturally with #ID, and problem :

  1. With the App, Impossible to get the submenu interaction with anchors when publishing (or I have to put the localhost adress and it is time loosed - to rename after all links with correct online URL…)
  2. And once online, problem with the URL it adds a level

To be more comprehensive, eg here :

  1. If you click on one submenu (#Anchor) from anypage, OK
  2. But from concerned page (, if you click on sebmenu, it adds the URL that is necessary IN the app.

Hope there is a trick (tried # as / before, nope)…

Thus, suggestion that has sens for beginners (who don’t know tricks with URL…), as that long Unibody pages with anchors are more and more numerous, adding an anchor field to the “Navigate to Page” :

Not necessary the app that detect and propose the defaults # (that would be more stuff to code I suppose), just a filed where with this exemple, I’d just have to put " #01 ". and that works with the app/publishing as online without having anything to do,

Damn ! Ashamed :grin:

Gonna look, btw the suggestion looks to be quicker and easier ans more spontaneous way (from my own pov)…

Nope indeed, with menu it is different, and :

  • Adding the Url of the page adds the url when whe are on the page
  • Deleting the Url make impossible to get the page from another one

Either I’m stupidly taking into account something, or the suggestion is relevant…

… Ok I omitted to say something, off course there is the +# (as eg Normandie Media | Portofolio and clicking anywhere in menu goes to otherpage#anchors), but in case with a menu with lots of links and/or for creating a “universal” mockup (now we have to re-visit each link one by one, pasting the domain url, etc. + impossible to see in the app/publishing…)

(for the need with the project, the problem is no more visible on ; don’t know how to delete this feat suggestion - to re-post one light with only the screen-shot thats talks enough)

Then everything is fine again. I didn’t understand a word anyway. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi @3RIC ,

Embarking from the initial point of conjunction, one might dare to infer a dilemma rooting from an intertwining of dynamics and the elusive #ID which, in its essentiality, governs the sub-menu/anchor interplay both at the genesis locale (app environment) and the ultimate destination (the online void).

In an endeavor to forge pathways unknown, a plethora of tactics was summoned from the abyss of no return — the integration of / and # in a dance as ancient as time itself, a symposium of errors and trials intertwining in a cosmic ballet of confusion and frustration — alas, to no avail.

The spectral presence of “Normandie Media | Portfolio” momentarily graces us with a fleeting glimpse into a utopia where menu navigations seamlessly meander through otherpage#anchors, a tantalizing vision of what could potentially manifest, if only the nebulous realms of app/publishing could align in divine harmony, transcending the earthly limitations imposed by a burdensome manual URL pasting purgatory.

A final note, as we peer into the void, the entity known as stands defiantly enigmatic, a phantom presence within the narrative weaving an intricate web of mystery and confusion, its true nature perhaps destined to remain an enigma within the kaleidoscopic tapestry of submenu intricacies and anchor conundrums.

Ashamed not, brave explorer, for in the grand theater of digital endeavor, even the mightiest of minds find themselves ensnared within the intricate web of technological enigma that you have so eloquently unfurled before us. Onward, to glory and understanding, through the cosmic ballet of URL and #ID, towards a future unknown.

I hope I’ve understood your question correctly. :innocent:


What did you said ? :grin:

:rofl: holding a grudge on Jerry :wink:

You know that I already have trouble explaining and translating well, so why go to such trouble for a slice of bread that I am incapable of understanding ? :rofl:

Sorry to try to present well a complex detail to explain in a language that is not mine because on two others suggestion I understodd not to be explicit…
But I’m going to stop suggesting anything (with regret I love Blocs that has a fantastic potential for creativ and I have lots of ideas, it seems that brainstorum unwanted), so… seriously.
Very dear judge (twice) :saluting_face:

No, because as it is now :

  • or you can’t get the interactivity before online (with URL#ID defined), that isn’t usefull with a website under construction with many pages
  • or you have to replace each link URL before each export

With my suggestion, it would be :

  • gain in visibility (immediatly the #anchor link under the eyese as with the screen-shot - then click saver)
  • ok navigation before export (simple publish)
  • no rename (cliick saver)
  • and very usefull with “heavy” (in term of links in menu) templates (as click saver again)

If you want help, change your translator as I suggested earlier. Until then, you will not receive any support as your posts are impossible to understand. Just my 2 cents in your own interest.

I agree with you dear Judge Jerry, I’ll change it ; indeed, when i use it to translate your big slice of 2 cents bread, I don’t know why, it translates me bullshit fabric :rofl: :sob:

Btw I won’t try anymore to explain, just put screens as upper, and those who know very well Blocs will understand.

Dear Jerry, if you have time and inclination, maybe you could employ your splendid pellucide prose in a new dummy text bric so we can move on from lorum Ipsum ? I am sure we would all happily buy into that. !
If not can I just borrow the above paragraphs ?
Best wishes

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