Menu appears to have a bug

I am using Blocs 2.4.2

When I try to add a new menu item or add a new page to my drop down menu, all I get is “New Link” that links to the Home page. In the menu manager there is no such “New Link” but what I added shows there, but it does not appear in the actual menu when I view in the browser. I had no problem with the old version and I wish I would not have updated Blocs. This happens when I add a new menu item and also when I try to add to my drop down menu. Please help.

Just tried it. I’m having the same thing happen. If I set the Source in the sidebar to none, then set it back to primary, it seems to clear it out and starts to work correctly.

This is a known bug in the Menu Manager that should be corrected in version 2.5 according to Norm.

Do you have a screen shot that can help me? I am not understanding where the source is located that needs to be changed.

Thanks. I hope 2.5 comes out soon.

Make sure you have the menu selected (should show menu down at the bottom).

Just change primary to none then change back.

Thank you!