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Hello Blocs community.
First post and new Blocs user.

I’m trying to understand how the navigation menus work in blocs and the end goal would be to to recreate the navigation menu effect on this template design:


  1. How do you put a navigation menu in the dynamic area? I’ve seen Blocs sites where the navigation menu seems not to be in the global area. I like how the background image shows under the navigation menu. I know I can probably begin with a hero bloc and modify it but I’d like to know how to do it from scratch. I searched the items in Drop Mode and didn’t see an option to add a navigation menu.

  2. How do you make the navigation menu appear once the user begins scrolling down?

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you.

There are a few steps to get to what you are looking for.
On the page, you want to use the navigation in the Dynamic area you need first to turn off the top global area.
Go to the page settings and uncheck:

Now in the dynamic area choose Hero and select a hero:

Change the background image on the Bloc for the hero to what you want. To make the navigation sticky, on the bloc sidebar select sticky:


@teefers Got it! Thank you for the detailed explanation and the screenshots. I really appreciated.

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I was looking for exactly the same thing. Thank you very much teefers!


Nice! I need that also.

I’d like to take this a step further. Is there any way to make the navigation that appears after scrolling different? Here is an example…