Message of thanks page for users on one event

Hi all,

I have a friend who im assisting on doing some very small websites for - and he has asked if we can do a page on a charity website where users can leave a message of hope or message to the doctors and nurses of thanks.

I am guessing Volt @InStacks could do this…but my question is - how is the easiest way this can be done and simplest way for users to do this.
And the event will be a live event - so could have up to 1,000 people wanting to all message within the hr.

Thanks all !

Hi, @AdieJAM probably would be your best bet. I came across Hashover a few weeks ago. I’m running it on one site now and seems to work well.


Hey @Jerry thank you - you know i never thought of diqus - this would be a simple and quick way !! you are a legend my friend!

This page/site might be a freebie now as its a charity website and will make a sub domain to keep domain price off - only going to be run for a few months and the basic charge is good.

** Just looking at Hashover - interesting! looks quite complex for my brain !

Hope you are enjoying the Mauritian weather and culture! One day - i will return.

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