Messed up Class

Not sure what I have done, or how to undo it. Using beta 20
I made a change to .build-with-blocs-bloc, didn’t like the results so changed it back. The problem I now have is that although I can see the bloc perfectly in Blocsapp, exporting, or using the view option does not display it. it is there, and the link works it just appears to be invisible!

Checked again a new project that does display the bloc perfectly, then checked the class setting and they match exactly.

The issue only appears in this one project, do I need to scrap it and start again, or is there someway of reverting classes to their defaults?

Forgot to mention, that I have deleted the whole bloc and also the class from the class manager within the project. Then for good measure saved, closed and reopened the project.
Re-adding the bloc and class still gives the same symptoms, it feel like the class corruption is within the project itself.

Now it gets worse.

I completely deleted both Blocs 2.3.2 and the v10 beta. Just re-installed the 2.3.2, created a new project and the same issue is present got, the get go.

Tried in three different browsers, all with caches cleared, and although it looks OK in Blocsapp I am getting a white background with a white image when in a browser!

More detail, adding the built with Blocs to the footer and nothing else all looks good, that is in both Blocsapp and Safari.

But if I then add a bloc to either the main, or header sections the colour there is the one used when shown in a browser!

So I have a workaround, but what have I done that has persisted a complete removal and re-install of Blocsapp (CleanMyMac was used for a total removal), and is there something that I can do to totally resolve this going forward?

OK, I have no idea why the header and the footer would impact each other, except that they are both global areas.

But, I resolved my problem by going to the affected project and removing the ‘paper’ texture from the header. This then allowed me to set the colour independently on the footer. And this was across all Blocs projects, I can now even add the ‘paper’ texture back and still change the footer colour.

There is still the anomaly that the special bloc for built with blocs shows as black in a blocs project even though the blocs colour setting comes through as white, but now I can change the colour I can work around it.

I should also mention that the bloc never appears to change colour regardless of what colour I have set it to, it constantly shows as black in Blocs.

Hey @MartinC

You seem to have an exiting time with your project :fearful:

I have no clue what’s going on but a tip is to get the free outstanding Monosnap screen capture and screen recording app. Register a free account and then you can record short videos showing what’s happening.
It’s much easier for others to understand a problem when you can see the steps you took to get something in place and where it seems to fail.

Cheers / Johny

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Great advice, will get those in place. You would not believe the number of edits I did to try and make those posts read right lol.

I like a challenge, probably enjoy the problems encountered more than working on the project, probably the Test Manager in me :slight_smile:

Apple’s Preview and Quicktime make the same.
Don’t want any additional software … and you have Cloud-Space to let it stand.

But @Jakerlund is still the problem solver ever.
He always has the easier ways in mind.
I mean that very turned and honest.

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Thanks pal :slight_smile:

The thing with Monosnap is that your screenshots and recordings are uploaded to their servers and you can post the links in mail and forums and everyone can see them when ever they want.