Migration from Blocs 2 to Blocs 3

Hey! Quick question! How can I migrate my custom class from blocs 2 to blocs 3?

You can migrate a Blocs 2 site to Blocs 3 and the classes will come with the migration. I’m not aware that you can migrate just a custom class. The best bet it to just recreate the class in Blocs 3.


Blocs doesn’t do anything to your custom classes. It will simply keep them intact. Are you missing some after migration?

Hi @Norm yes all the custom class I created!

For example this one doesn’t work

I have created this menu under so stays fixed and the background picture can move freely! It doesn’t work on Blocs 3

What to do? It supposed to by like this: website

Im not sure, it must be an issue with how Bootstrap 4 has changed in comparison to BS3. I would recommend familiarising yourself with Bootstrap 4 and how the new navigation works regarding subclassing and structure.

It’s likely you will find the cause.


Oh! That was it!!! thank you so much!!!

Yep, you’re welcome.

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