Missing assets interaction

Please could the missing asset interaction be changed?

On startup blocsapp tells me some assets are missing - great - no problem.

It shows me the missing filename - great - and allows me to link to where the file is - great.

If you don’t update the links you can go into the asset manager and actually see what the image looks like! Great!

…but now there’s no indication that the asset is missing and even if I know it’s missing, there’s no way to add the correct link to the asset.

I think the best solution here is to warn that assets are missing and then open the asset manager and have some red indicator to show the asset is missing and on the asset menu add an option to ‘link to file’.

Currently expecting people to remember an asset from the filename is a bit problematic and unnecessary since the asset manager knows what the asset should look like.

Just extend the asset manager interface to include an indicator that the asset is AWOL and use the same interface as adding a new asset to re-link it.