Missing classes in exported website

Hi there,
I am exporting a website and when I move it to the hosting and load it, some classes are missing.
The project in blocs is fine, the preview from within blocs is fine as well, if I preview in the browser is fine too.
I tried to export it twice but the issue persists.

Any hints?

I found yesterday that Blocs sometimes layered upper case letters to lower case. This (being htm) means it didn’t recognise the class name.

Interesting maybe this is my problem. Where would you find it in the html?

just check the class titles are ‘as typed’ in the custom class list.

unfortunately, there are not any typos or case-sensitive situations in the blocs and the style.css exported.
what makes it even complicated is that some classes are exported and works correctly.
So at this point, I guess there are other classes overriding mine.

Found out, thanks to Norm.
Emptied browser’s cache, works just fine!