Missing Image

Hi …
I don´t understand this Problem …I use icon heading and three images. In Blocs everything is okay, also in preview. But after upload one image are missing ?!
See screenshot. Any ideas ? Thanks Tom

inside blocs


Hi there @tom2

Screenshot is missing as well :wink:


Hi :blush:
ups … now you can see

Strange ineed. Can you check if in the HTML export folder whether or not your Apple music logo is indeed there or not ?


Yes…checked … both files are there. The files are svg files …but I think this is not a problem ?

Then difficult to answer… images were added via the Asset Manager or specified url’s ?


I added the image via the asset manager … and both images are svg … I see only one image in browser …
I got this message in browser view …

Now I use png files …and it works … don’t know why :thinking:
thanks for your help

Hi @tom2

From what I have read on the internet it’s possible that you get this error due to an issue with permissions. However, I am not an expert in that field to explain futher. You will find quite some reading on this issue if you google svg 403 forbidden.

Maybe somone else on the forum has the knowledge to assist with this.

In any case, happy you have been able to bypass it with png’s.


I just created this knowledge base post that may help.

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Hi @Norm

Thank you.


Thanks for your answers …
Good to know. But why I see the first svg ? And not the second ? Both are svg files. Is there a difference between svg files ?