Mixing 4 and 5

Is it possible to mix versions 4 and 5 so that opening a 4 project will launch the 4 app, and opening a 5 will open the 5 app?

Should I manage the directory when it can be mixed? Can I create each folder? Can I change the name of the application? Should I divide the application by putting it in a folder? overwritten


Why the hassle, why not just backup the old Blocs 4 project files (just in case) and continue working with Blocs 5 from now on?

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Why would you return to Blocs 4 once you migrate a project to Blocs 5? I created a Blocs 5 folder and copied and pasted my Blocs 4 sites into the Blocs 5 folder. I renamed each site folder to reflect Blocs 5 “my site 5”.

I’ve done with each version of Blocs. I’ve got master folders for Blocs 2,3,4, and now 5. Once I migrate a project, I’ve never needed to get back to an older version. IMO your thought process of using both versions could only cause you problems.


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Because it’s easier if you can work while starting both versions.

Because I want to correct the display difference between 4 and 5, if there is no problem, I will delete 4, from past experience, I’m worried about updating at once.