Mobile "hamburger" not appearing


I have lost my “hamburger” menu in the mobile version of my site since the last upgrade of Blocs 2.4. Can’t see what could have caused for it to disappear. Can anybody help or has it happened to you? Thank you.


Try creating a new nav Bloc and setting the menus feed to primary. On export does this show?

It may also be that you have the visibility options set to hide the menu on mobile.


Thank you Norm, I will try your options. The menu is there, just that it has no color. I already went with custom classes to edit the color but it doesn’t work. Color changes in Blocs but it does not appear on the browser. Checking the css file colors seem to be correct.


Did you use this class for the Hamburg menu?

navbar-toggle .icon-bar

Make sure you leave the spaces. Then you can change the Hamburg color.



Yes, that is exactly what I did. And I see the change in color, but once the file is loaded to the server and used from an iPhone, it doesn’t show. Just in the home menu, the others show. The site is: in case you could try to see by yourself. Thanks for your support.


Yup, your right. It’s there but the Hamburg menu looks to be white. Nice looking site also!
Could you browser possibably cashing the old menu?

I see you have customized the main menu also with some classes. When you click on the main menu do you have a color selected on the sidebar or in the class. Sometimes you have to have no color selected in the sidebar for classes to work correctly.



I have the same issue. Went to update our site and now our Hamburger menu has vanished.
It’s there and still functions on Mobile but you just can’t see it.
This has happened twice now. Seems when we close and open the file it changes something.


Hello @henribehar. I’m having issues with the hamburger menu and found your post in a search. Nice job on the website! Lots of great photos and video is nice too! One thing I noticed is that you have a logo that shows along with the preloader. How did you accomplish that? Did you do it in Blocs or edit the HTML after exporting? Warm Regards, Randy :slight_smile:


I updated a site just this past weekend and the Hamburger Menu has gone missing. You can trigger the menu but the Hamburger sign/image/icon is gone. I tried changing the color and re-uploading but not solved yet.