Modal Bric! Don´t get it to work

did any one know a solution for this problem ?
I simple want to habe a navigation bar with also an icon. When I get with the cursor over the icon I want see the tool tip …

I try hours and hours to get it work!!
When I put the modal brick in the global area it works. When I scroll down it works to … Also the tool tip …

BUT! I want the navigation sticky. Then I click sticky …when I know scroll it doesn’t work. Look like a z-index problem.

Okay I thought … I don’t click sticky I use an code and get the header section fixed with some code and put also an z-index 9999 inside the code…cool ! Works !
But know the tool tips doesn´t work … AAAAHHH! :slight_smile:

Is there no easy way for something like this !?!?
Thanks for your help

Hi …
no one here with the same problem ? No solutions …? Or is this a bug or so ?
thanks tom :blush: